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Lee GullettStudio G

Creative Thinker

Stretch Program

As a way to keep up with ever changing trends, I introduced a program that encourages designers to explore them and record their findings in a library. New trends can affect the way we work, the way we play, and the brands we decide to use.
(A Business Journal front page story)


Agile Creative Process

A sound creative process helps everyone understand what is to be achieved by the deliverables. It defines steps, fosters communication, and clarifies expectations. This Agile Creative Process works collaboratively with the development team's Agile Process.


The Brand

When I met Alina Wheeler as a young man and read her book "Designing Brand Identity," my perception of branding was changed forever. I realized the brand is the nucleus of all sales and marketing activity and the logo is simply one of many touch points, yet it's the window to the brand. Years later, I have given multiple presentations on branding and contributed to white papers on the topic.



A recipient of multiple Gold and Silver Addy Awards including a Judge's Choice Award for design and copywriting. Honored for excellence in marketing for new product launches and for record product sales. Also awarded multiple performance bonuses for exceptional contributions to marketing objectives.