Outstanding marketing is about understanding how to attract an audience to your brand. Therefore, 'understanding' is the key.

Studio G Philosophy: It's Your Project

You will be involved at every stage of your project when working with Studio G. A scope-of-work document will provide the project objectives, a project overview, the timeline, and the price range for the services. The online tool "Basecamp" is used to display ideas, keep document records, and provide a venue for your feedback. "Lee is in an exceptional class of directors that I have worked with over the years."At the end of the project, you will receive a comprehensive time sheet. It will contain detailed descriptions of each task and the time required. Experience has shown that this level of project management is not over the top, but enough to ensure successful results that are under budget while keeping everyone engaged.

You will also receive open and honest advice. Once you are confident in your marketing objectives, we will translate them into creative strategies. These creative marketing strategies will focus on your message and the intended target audience. The results will be improved profitability.

Strategic Partners

If you need extensive online functionality or in-depth copywriting, Studio G partners with talented and highly qualified sources. If you have chosen Studio G because of a personal recommendation or our portfolio of quality work, you can expect the same level of excellence from select partners. Each partner is chosen based on your specific needs. A customer-centric approach has been the key to our success.


There are many different ways to reach people and there are many more very different people. One audience may need a clear explanation of why your product is relevant to their lives, while another may not even realize why they are attracted to your product. That's why a deep understanding of your audience is the key to connecting with them during each marketing touch point.

understanding people